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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Althea and I freaked out in a bar to Waka Waka last night cause WE LEAVE FOR SOUTH AFRICA TODAY!!!!!!

holy shit, not real at all.

amsterdam, oh shitttt


Best part of 4th of July in a foreign country: finding other Americans at the bar and being so happy that you actually hug each other.

<3 <3

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Friday, July 1, 2011

super sick, but headin to Amsterdam anyways!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sorry I haven’t updated this in forevs, I guess life has been too exciting to update this recently, oops, I’ll try to remember everything now.

Two weekends ago we went to Prague.  Easily the most beautiful and wonderful city I’ve ever been to.  I absolutely loved it and didn’t want to leave at all.  We skipped work on Friday (and also had that Monday off so we only had a three day week!) because our flight was at 8am and we didn’t realize until the day before we left that we flew out of an airport that is about an hour outside the city.  So we had to get a taxi at 4:30 am to catch a bus at 5 am to the airport to catch our 8 am flight. Right before we boarded our plane we saw this Middle Eastern looking teenage boy and his mom get attacked by airport police/security/border control people.  It was really weird and scary. We were separated by a glass wall, and of course Althea and I couldn’t understand anything they were saying, but the police threw the boy on the ground and everyone at our gate was just staring at what was happening.  It was hard to tell if the cops were being overly forceful with the mom and son, or if they were not obeying the customs in place.  After awhile I stopped staring cause I felt bad since literally at least 200 people through a glass wall were just gawking at these two as they got interrogated.


Once we landed in Prague, we caught a bus from the airport to the metro, and took the metro to our hostel.  We were too early to check in at the hostel, so we left our luggage there and headed out to explore the city.  We went to the main part of the Old Town and found an outdoor café where we both got delicious fresh salads.  After that we headed towards the touristy sites and decided to go on a free tour that was originally scheduled to last for about three hours but we ditched after about one.  Before we left on the tour, one of the tour guides told us about this ex-Communist soldier who hung out at the Old Town Clock and when there were weddings in the chapel there he would police the sidewalk traffic outside with this really dinky bullhorn.  We got the pleasure of watching him for about ten minutes before our tour left.  We also saw the Old Town Clock change hours, which is supposed to be a spectacle, but is really unimpressive and anticlimactic.  The tour was really interesting, and showed us a lot of the touristy spots we had wanted to hit anyways, so it worked out really well.  At about the halfway point we ditched so that we could go back the way we came and spend more time at each spot.  We went to this great alley in the Jewish quarter that had all these stands with people selling tons of different types of stuff, a lot of it handmade.


After that we headed over the Charles Bridge, which is pedestrian only and has lots of little stands with people selling everything from caricatures to woodcarvings.  People also use really odd tactics to beg for money in Prague.  We saw a woman playing a recorder, a man in a praying position, and a bunch of other stuff too. It was weird.  After we crossed the bridge we sat down at a café on the water and got beer and just chilled for a little while which was good cause we were definitely feeling the early wake up.  While we were on that side of the bridge and since it was really nice out, we headed up to the Palace, which has the largest amount of buildings inside a set of walls that is considered a palace anywhere in the world…I think that’s what it’s famous for.  It was really pretty, but humungous and we were super tired, so we left pretty quickly.  We headed back towards Old Town Square and grabbed food in this like festival that was happening in the Square. After food we headed back to our hostel to get ready for the night and figure out what the deal was with Althea’s friends who are studying abroad in Prague.  We relaxed for a little, but then quickly got ready and figured out how to meet them at their dorm.  After a very confusing tram ride (the names make zero sense and all look the same) we finally made it and met up with Althea’s friend from William & Mary, Sarah, and she took us to her dorm.  We met up with other William & Mary kids there and headed out with them.

First we went to a bar called Harley’s, which was this hilarious place, fashioned after an American motorcycle bar.  It was packed, but we got a couple of drinks there and stole some S&M cartoon posters from the wall because they were too great, and then we headed to a club.  We wandered for a little bit on our way getting there, but it was nice to have other people leading the way and to just follow blindly for once.  The club was dedicated to 80’s and 90’s music only, and during our awesome dance marathon there they sample Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Tina Turner, and Spice Girls, just to name a few.  It was glorious.  By the time we left there it was pouring rain outside, and we had no idea how to get home.  So we all stopped at a fast food place and got fried cheese sandwiches.  Apparently Prague is famous for it’s fried cheese, which is essentially a mozzarella stick as a patty put between a bun….not a huge fan, but drunk it tasted pretty amazing.  After staring at a map for a while, I convinced Sarah that I could get Althea and I back to our hostel, which ended up working perfectly cause we were a lot closer than anyone realized.  We were pretty soaked by the time we got back to our room, and more than ready to crawl into bed.


We had some confusion, and a little bit of a scare, that we were in the wrong room when we got back that night.  When we had checked in before going out earlier, we noticed that there was someone else’s stuff on one of the other beds, and we assumed it was a girls’ belongings.  Our room was also joined to another room, that had only guys in it (so we thought).  That night when we were falling asleep, our roommate came in and we realized it was a guy and when he left the room we freaked out for a minute that maybe we were in the wrong room and somehow had ended up in a guys only room.  But when we woke up the next morning, there were multiple girls coming out of the room that was joined to us, so we’re pretty sure they were just all co-ed.

Saturday wasn’t quite as beautiful as Friday, and by that I mean it was gross and rainy, so we decided to turn it into a museum and shopping day.  We grabbed food at a cute little café near our hostel, but then got lost within a four block radius trying to find the tram, so that was stressful, eventually we caught the tram though and headed to the Lennon Wall.  Awhile back, to protest some war or violence somewhere in the world, the people of Prague started graffiti-ing John Lennon pictures and quotes on this one wall in Prague, and it has turned into an international symbol for peace.  That’s where the picture of the “coexist” graffiti comes from.  We got a little lost on the way there, and realized once we made it that it was another anticlimactic attraction of Prague, but we were happy to be able to say we had seen it.


After the Lennon Wall we headed to the Museum of Torture (for some reason Prague has two of these, but we only visited one) which showcases medieval torture devices.  The creepiest grossest one was this saw that they used to cut people in half from ass to head….really nasty.  Once we finished at the museum, we somehow managed to share a pizza and then headed over to the Mucha museum that Althea really wanted to see.  I decided that I didn’t want to pay the money for another museum that I didn’t really care terribly much about, so I went to the shopping street and spent some time there while Althea went through the museum.  I ended up finding amazing sales at Mango and got a pair of black heels (something I needed but made me feel guilty anyways, oh well).  Once I met back up with Althea we headed back to our hostel shortly and then met Sarah for dinner. We went to a cute little pub and had a nice meal there (I was right that they love their meat and potatoes in Prague).  After dinner we headed towards Sarah’s dorm to pregame with her study abroad friends before going out.  First we had to stop at a convenience store to get alcohol, and we all got super cheap bottles of wine and chocolate bars (what more could a girl ask for?).  We also talked to the guy working there who claimed to be related to Castro (I think?) and that I have four children (good to know).  By the time we got back to the dorms Sarah’s friends had already started pregaming, so we watched YouTube videos and drank and ate chocolate and played kings with them.  A couple of hours later we finally decided to leave, so we headed to a new bar which was pretty fun.  There was a bar upstairs, and another bar and dance floor downstairs.  I got a beer at the bar (which I so didn’t need) and then we danced for a little while and then met up with Sarah’s friends at the upstairs bar for tequila shots (so so so cheap, but I soooo didn’t need those either).  That night at the bar there was a bachelor party, which are completed really weird in Europe.  Basically a big group of guys goes out with the groom, and they usually find ways to embarrass the groom, and they all dress with something similar so that everyone knows that they’re together.  Well that night they all had on matching cardboard masks of the groom’s face, which I, of course, instantly wanted to steal (to add to my cartoon S&M Prague collection haha).  Regardless of my attempts, however, the men in the group REFUSED to give up their masks.  I guess it’s a really big deal here and trust me, I tried all my tricks, but they just wouldn’t give one up.  They just kept explaining that if they gave it to me then they wouldn’t have anything to remember the night by….so sad.

Althea and I had to leave the bar/her friends pretty early because we had to catch a 6am flight.  We had been told that there was a tram near our hostel that would take us straight to the airport, which we only figured out was not true once we were drunk and standing at the tram stop with several other drunk people waiting for said tram for quite a long time.  Finally we gave in and just decided to grab a taxi, regardless of the cost.  We got to the airport pretty early and just slept at a table for about 45 minutes, grabbed some food, got on the flight and slept more, got a bus back to Brussels and slept more, and then came home and died for the day.


The Tuesday after our weekend in Prague was the summer solstice, so we of course decided to celebrate and honor mother earth by drinking.  After work we quickly worked out and ate dinner, and then headed to a café where we got a beer and drank outside.  We each picked the beer with the cheapest price and the highest alcohol content (obviously becoming beer connoisseurs).  After getting tipsy off that, we grabbed more beer from a convenience store and walked to Grand Place and sat outside and drank there.  No open container laws are the greatest thing in the summer, everyone was laying in Grand Place so happy and drinking, it was absolutely perfect.  Once that was completed, we headed to Celtica for a couple of 1euro beers to complete our night.  Nothing was terribly interesting there, so we headed home by about 11:30pm, very drunk.


Thursday is supposed to be university night at Le You, the club we had gone to a few Saturday’s before.  Hoping we would find a crowd closer to our age and perhaps less creepy during university night, we decided to give it a try.  We even bought vodka instead of our normal beer and wine for the occasion (big spenders).  After dicking around for a while, we finally made it there and encountered a huge line (there had been no line the other time we had been).  We stood in line for a while and contemplated whether or not it was worth it, but in the end we decided to go in.  While in line, however, we did notice that the crowd looked a bit younger (in the sense that I saw at least three people with braces).  Once we got inside, we realized that the evening may be a bust….it was crowded beyond the point of being able to dance, our asses got grabbed more times than we can even count, and everyone was substantially younger than us.  If at all, there were maybe ten other people there even close to our age. At one point we went to the bathroom, which is when I think it set in how young the crowd really was, because there were so many girls who could not keep their shit together at all and could barely stand up. We also only got one free drink with entry that night, instead of the two we got on Saturday (probably because children can’t hold their alcohol). 

Saturday morning we woke up early-ish and headed to a flea market that is here in the city.  It was the most random and eclectic collection of hoarded shit ever.  This huge square just had all of these people posted up with blankets on the ground selling all of the shit they had lying around their house.  We didn’t stay there long, and found a delicious bakery where we got croissants on our way home (of course, more food).  We stopped by home to work out and shower, and then headed back out to have a nice slow shopping day.  I ended up finding a great pair of jean high waisted shorts and a white button tie up blouse and Althea got a white button tie up shirt too and a pair of pattern shorts….we’re turning into such Euro hipsters here….haha.  Once our shopping and admiring was complete, we headed over to the delicious Chinese/Thai noodle place we had gone to before.  We got delicious food there (except I put too much spicy shit in mine and almost died, but didn’t) and then ice cream on the way home (legit becoming obese).  Once home, we chilled for a little and then pregamed/got ready for another attempt at Le You.  We decided that we had to go at least once more before we left

Brussels (since we paid that 5euro membership fee the first time we went) and that we had had a good time the Saturday we went before, so hopefully this Saturday would be good too.  We arrived to a short line, but nothing like Thursday night, and ended up having a great night.  I got super drunk and we danced the night away to wonderful Euro techno rave music.  Saturday was a little less packed than Thursday, which meant it was also less creepy (major advantage of Saturday).  At one point some drunk bitch tried to fight me (always a good idea) so Althea and I took more tequila shots to ignore that potential.  After awhile we left there and, of course, stopped for food on the way home (I probably would have been sick without, so good work Althea).  They have these Middle Eastern type food stands all over Brussels called Sultans of Kebab and they always smell really good, so we stopped there and each got a kebob, I guess, or a gyro.  I don’t know, all I know is it was the most delicious thing ever.  I think that this country plots to make people fatter throughout their stay here…it’s impossible not to eat all of the delicious things they make (chocolate, ice cream, French fries, gyro things, croissants, etc etc).


Sunday we went to the market and got more fruit and veggies than we ever have before to make up for our fatness/lack of working out recently.  Last night Althea’s supervisor Pav invited us over for dinner, and he fed us the best food, all of the things I’ve been wanting to buy from the grocery store but not allowing myself to because of the price (olives, nuts, salad, smoked salmon, sheep’s cheese, skewers, white asparagus, cherry tart, ice cream) and gave us all the leftover food to take home (as if we needed more food).  After dinner we took the slowest walk of all time home because we were so full, and after dropping off our newly acquired food, we took a walk down and around Grand Place because it seemed like the only thing that would get rid of our food babies in a slow but sure kind of way. 


The past two days have been absolutely beautiful and reminding me so much of Maryland summer, I miss it.  It’s been at least 85 degrees each day and after work I put on a bathing suit and tan on our balcony…so perfect.



my new mottos:

Work out so you can go out.

Here’s to those who wish us well and those who don’t can go to hell.

Prague update coming soon!

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